5 Proven Ways to Convert Social Media ‘Likes’ into Sales

One of the most common questions we’re asked by our clients is how to use social media to drive new sales. Having generated new customers for Bluefish and our clients through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, here are our top 5 tips for converting likes into sales:

  • Optimise Posts:Feature your new products, best sellers, sneak peaks, new packaging, exclusives & create your posts in a playful, engaging and fun way that makes people want to share them; always use the comments section to tell a short story/why you like it/give context or a call to action (link to website, incentive to buy, discount or tips). Create unique or new content that’s intrinsically linked to your business, brand, offer or benefit and use #in Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and Tumblr (# have no functionality or benefit in Facebook) so that it’s easily searchable.
  • Timing is everything:Develop a calendar of events around your launches, events, talks; peak shopping times (Mothers’ Day, Christmas) and plan posts to showcase your range or service, competitions and offers leading up to those times. Plan posts weeks or months out so that you maintain a presence & continue to engage with your customers even through your busy times and schedule posts for when your clients are online.
  • Give people a reason to get in touch, an easy way to try or no/low risk way to buy:Make it easy for people to take that extra step from window shopping so to speak to purchase– give them a free sample, free delivery or free gift wrapping; offer a money back guarantee; a free/bonus gift; free first meeting or discount; run promotions or competitions; or incentivise trial via sampling, invitations, new customer offers; exclusive access to new products; sales vouchers.
  • Ask for Recommendations and share positive feedback:Word of mouth is the most cost effective and persuasive of all marketing tools and social media is no different… put simply, people are more likely to buy a product or engage a service if they can see that it’s worked or is loved by others. Share testimonials, thank-you’s, reviews and success stories. Promote your pages across other social media, giving people a reason to visit and follow you through your content and offers.
  • Leverage the strength of each platform:watermark images on Pinterest, create quotes for IG. See what’s trending and join the conversation on Twitter. You can also add a call to action to your business page on Facebook (call now, limited time offer or discount, event invitation); or ‘pinning’ your most compelling post or offer on Twitter and Facebook so that it remains at the top of your page regardless of new content.

Our best tip of all? Listen to what your clients (and prospective clients) want, watch what they love and keep tweaking and adjusting your social media strategy and posts accordingly! Through reaching new people, creating a connection and incentivising trial, you’ll successfully convert interest to sales.

Don’t know where to start? Let us develop and implement a social media strategy that drives sales – and you can focus on what you do best!

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Author: Sarah Ford
BlueFish Director & Marketing Specialist, Sarah Ford, has over 23 years' experience in brand management – 10 of those at Marketing Manager and Director levels and a further eight years in Retail Management. Passionate about marketing, Sarah understands the complexities of the consumer landscape and is known for her ability to create practical, cost-effective plans, which stand-out with consumers and meet business objectives. Sarah established BlueFish Marketing in 2009 and continues to provide marketing support on a campaign or project basis. Recent clients include JBS Foods, FreeTV Australia, Unilever, Paradigm Foods, MFA, Connecting Finance, Jurlique Int, Moving Mannequins, SCAD Research Inc, Little Chomps, Mummymetime and many more.
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