5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Business this Christmas

Looking to grow your business this Christmas? Here are our 5 simple tips for converting one-off sales to loyal customer to grow your business this Christmas and beyond:

  • Build loyalty amongst existing customers“Depending on which study you believe, and what industry you’re in, acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one” Amy Gallo, Harvard Business Review. Strategies to retain existing clients and keep them coming back don’t just make good business sense by delivering a better ROI through ongoing sales, but these loyal clients also become advocates for your business via recommendations to others. It’s especially true at Christmas when people are short on time and actively seek recommendations for gifts, experiences and festive products. Consider simple, cost effective initiatives such as personalised email updates when their favourite product is released; invitations to sneak peaks & VIP events; bonus gifts; complimentary delivery and gift wrapping; or follow up cards with a friends and family offer. Give customers a reason to keep coming back, and to recommend you to others.
  • Reward staff.We know Christmas is peak season for many businesses but you don’t have to have swings in reception to attract and retain top candidates – especially after such a tough year. Going the extra mile makes the world of difference… ensure parents can attend end of year school concerts; offer Friday early marks for ALL staff; give people their Birthday off work or introduce business paid activities to boost health and morale (lunchtime yoga, free flu injections) and you’ll have a happier, more motivated team who are much less likely to look elsewhere in the New Year.
  • Develop a plan to reinforce your positioning through one to one communication.If you’re a wedding planner, florist or photographer you could reinforce your personalised service by sending a congratulations hamper to their honeymoon suite, or a 12 month anniversary card with an offer for friends and family; online retailers can include a bonus complimentary gift such as a free local music lesson with any instrument purchase; even thank you cards and beautiful packaging can elevate your service from standard to memorable and help build your reputation for customer service.
  • Reach out for recommendations. Be confident enough in your services, products and skills to ask for recommendations for use on your website, social media and advertising material. Whether you reward recommendations with public appreciation, a private thank you note, discount or benefit, or even a donation to charity, every positive recommendation builds your reputation and reminds the reviewer why they liked your business in the first place.
  • Use every consumer touch point to engage with your clients.Whether it’s via social media, market stalls, in store, at events or through phone orders, take the opportunity to create connections and build meaning for your brand or business. Go beyond small talk to gauge what is and isn’t working, test out new ideas, understand why people come back – or don’t – reinforce your brand’s positioning or point of view and fine tune your ideas for the future. As your clients get to know you, and as you get to know them, you can better tailor your products or service to their needs to differentiate your business and set yourself up for success.

Adding the personal touch in business is about more than great customer service and free gift wrapping, it’s about building relationships, adding value and ultimately building loyalty amongst your customer base to grow your business at Christmas and well beyond. After all, happy customers are the best ambassadors!

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Author: Sarah Ford
BlueFish Director & Marketing Specialist, Sarah Ford, has over 23 years' experience in brand management – 10 of those at Marketing Manager and Director levels and a further eight years in Retail Management. Passionate about marketing, Sarah understands the complexities of the consumer landscape and is known for her ability to create practical, cost-effective plans, which stand-out with consumers and meet business objectives. Sarah established BlueFish Marketing in 2009 and continues to provide marketing support on a campaign or project basis. Recent clients include JBS Foods, FreeTV Australia, Unilever, Paradigm Foods, MFA, Connecting Finance, Jurlique Int, Moving Mannequins, SCAD Research Inc, Little Chomps, Mummymetime and many more.
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