Sarah Ford has successfully completed the Google AdWords Certification course, demonstrating proficiency in the basic and advanced aspects of AdWords and is recognised by Google as an expert in online Advertising.


“That is a fantastic result! It’s always very significant and extremely rewarding when your expectations are exceeded. You should be very proud of the work you’re doing”

Sydney Client

“We gave you absoloutely no support and asked you to keep right a leaky ship. I am over awed by what you were able to achieve. (Our) marketing and the team are stronger for your involvement. You should wear a cape…”

Marketing Manager, Sydney

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything. We’ve broken our day/week/month sales records today! Wow. Thank you!”

, LittleChomps

Sarah from Bluefish Marketing really understands small business. With smart, targeted and realistic plans, Sarah has given me the confidence, ideas and tools to my business to the next level.

Amy Claire Holder

Bluefish have been fantastic in coming up with low cost, high impact marketing strategies to grow my business. Sarah understands the challenges that new businesses face and is full of ideas, tips and tricks to grow businesses and build brands.

Amy Dowler McTackett

Sarah immediately understood my needs and more importantly has shown me a very simple yet effective business and marketing plan. I am so excited and positive at what lies ahead for my business. Thank you sarah,you are amazing!

Elinka Nada Jacobs

I’ve had a lot of painful experiences with Marketing “experts” before but Sarah has restored my faith in humanity! She really was a dream to work with. No hype or abstract marketing bluff. She was quick, efficient and kept it very simple and practical for me. She developed a high quality marketing plan that is working almost instantly. Highly recommended.

Jaemin Frazer
Personal change expert, One Minute Coach

I’ve just started a new business, my first. Sarah at Bluefish was amazing to work with. She understood my business, the challenges it faces, and exactly what it needs to get off the ground. Sarah was extremely easy to work with and developed a realistic and effective plan, on budget to build my business and generate sales.
As my business grows, I definitely plan to partner with BlueFish in the future.

Neil Scott
Business, Sneaker Joint

Sarah helped me develop strategies to bring my marketing ideas to life

Amy Menekse
Owner Petite Celebrations

We engaged Sarah and Blue Fish to assist in formulating and implementing our overall marketing strategy. We are extremely happy with the outcomes, and the resulting increase in business. Sarah was excellent to deal with, and the process ran very smoothly. We look forward to working closely with Sarah in the near future.

Matthew Bruce
Principle & Financial Advice Specialist, Godfrey Pembroke

I thoroughly enjoyed working for Sarah, she balances clear strategic thinking with pragmatic commercial approach & she genuinely cares about her team. She worked tirelessly to ensure she over delivered to her commitments, and the year’s results are testament to her strong leadership.

Amy Woodward-Smith
Marketing Manager, Unilever

I worked as a Senior Account Manager on the Unilever Account and enjoyed quite some time working with Sarah. As an Agency Manager, you couldn’t want for a better person to work for and with. A real strategic mind, who’s briefings were always a brilliant and a pleasure to be present at.

Kelly Coughlan
Account Director, Houston Group

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