Why EVERY business needs Marketing Help

Every business needs Marketing Help. Whether you’re just starting out or taking your business to the next level, great marketing enables you to reach your target customer in the most effective way possible.

  • An experienced marketer can help you optimise your positioning, define your target customer, fine tune your offering and ensure you’re talking to the right people in the right way. It may be tempting to charge full steam ahead with your favourite social media, book a stall at the local market or print flyers with a selfie on them, but by engaging professional marketing help to guide and shape your marketing plans you’ll save money through more targeted, effective communications.

In fact, strong marketing plans do more than save you money and impress your friends: they leverage a compelling, differentiated positioning; create awareness of your business and offer; build relationships; drive word of mouth; generate customer loyalty and build brand love. Most importantly – and this is better than fairy dust – great marketing plans set you up for profitable, sustainable business growth.

Why try and do everything yourself when you can rely on Marketing experts to help grow your brand & take your business to the next level. Contact or call 02 9525 8769 today for a free initial discussion. With over 20 years’ experience and a proven ability to develop and implement marketing plans that drive results, we’re the marketing help you’re looking for.

Author: Sarah Ford
BlueFish Director & Marketing Specialist, Sarah Ford, has over 23 years' experience in brand management – 10 of those at Marketing Manager and Director levels and a further eight years in Retail Management. Passionate about marketing, Sarah understands the complexities of the consumer landscape and is known for her ability to create practical, cost-effective plans, which stand-out with consumers and meet business objectives. Sarah established BlueFish Marketing in 2009 and continues to provide marketing support on a campaign or project basis. Recent clients include JBS Foods, FreeTV Australia, Unilever, Paradigm Foods, MFA, Connecting Finance, Jurlique Int, Moving Mannequins, SCAD Research Inc, Little Chomps, Mummymetime and many more.
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