Marketing Plan to drive downloads of START SMART AppSchool Readiness App

In 2016 Bluefish developed a Marketing Plan to drive downloads of STARTSmart School Readiness App. The plan including a Social Media Strategy; Search Advertising; leveraging Word of Mouth; Engaging Key Influencers; Developing PreSchool Kits; and a potential charity component. Targeting Mums of preschool aged children across key times of the year.


Experienced Teacher and highly regarded Tutor Elinka engaged BlueFish to develop a marketing plan to help drive sales of her new school readiness App StartSmart.

Our challenge was to create a plan that effectively reached Mums of preschool aged children, giving them a reason to choose STARTSmart within this highly competitive early education space.


BlueFish developed a marketing plan targeting Mums, carers and educators of preschool aged children, bringing to life the benefits of the App in becoming school-ready and making it easy to download the app.

With such a great product, an established website and social media presence as well as some recent local newspaper coverage, our job was made easier! We developed a marketing plan for STARTSmart which included:

  • Drafting consistent messaging across every element of communication;
  • Ensuring the website performed well in terms of SEO (search engine optimization), and optimizing Google AdWords Advertising by improving the ad’s quality scores and using an App Extension to drive downloads;
  • Developing a social media strategy (including content direction) for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and helped Elinka to better leverage her blog featuring school readiness tips across her social media pages;
  • Creating a communications plan to reach Mums by advertising with, and posting on popular social media groups, parenting websites and Facebook pages;
  • Developing a word of mouth proposal to engage key influencers, encourage reviews and social media ‘sharing’ amongst Mums
  • Proposed a potential charity component which was closely aligned to STARTSmart
  • Ideas for a collaboration with preschools through early learning kits and access to free downloads for in class.
  • Providing a calendar of proposed communication, collaborations and media across the year

We ensured that each piece of advertising and communication was consistent, built the overall STARTSmart brand and linked back to the download page on the itunes store with a strong call to action, giving people a reason to download the app.


We loved providing Elinka with a roadmap for building awareness of STARTSmart, driving downloads, and building on her extensive experience and knowledge in the school readiness space and we look forward to seeing the App downloaded and shared in 2017!

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