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We’re proud to provide ongoing Marketing Support for Moving Mannequins through brand positioning, advertising, client communication and social media management.


In May 2016 BlueFish was engaged to develop a new Brand Identity & Marketing Plan for Moving Mannequins. Nat & Bindy were looking for support in developing a new look for Moving Mannequins, driving awareness of the business via advertising and social media, and building client engagement through a targeted communication plan.

BlueFish continues to support Moving Mannequins by developing client communication, social media management (with a focus on Instagram), managing their Google advertising and identifying new business opportunities.


Our plan for Moving Mannequins has been to clearly communicating their positioning as the Mannequin Specialists, building on strong relationships and reputation for outstanding client service and conveying their offer across Mannequin sales, hire and repairs.

Our Marketing Strategy has been designed to leverage owned, earned and paid media. We worked closely with Nat & Bindy to understand exactly what they were looking for, commissioning a new logo and providing support on their new look website. In developing a social media strategy we’ve focused on Instagram, engaging with fashion retailers, visual merchandisers, stylists and event planners. Moving Mannequins has run user generated content competitions and sales promotions and sends out a client newsletter each season with tips, inspiration and special offers. By leveraging word of mouth, driving SEO and taking an ‘always on’ approach to Search, Moving Mannequins has reached new clients and built their business base.


With improvements across all metrics, over the past twelve months we’ve driven a significant increase in visits to Moving Mannequins’ website, generated a strong following on Instagram and driven tangible sales growth.

BlueFish works behind the scenes to bring to life Moving Mannequins’ expertise, focus and range of services, freeing up the business owners to continue to focus on developing customised Mannequin Solutions, outstanding Customer Service and identifying new Growth Opportunities.

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